Thursday, March 09, 2006


Wet, originally uploaded by Mr. Schmörf.

Another beautiful river shot!!-koduckgirl

El sol estaba en el fondo del charco

Liquid Chrome! that's even sexier than liquid gold and this is one "Hot" shot!-koduckgirl

Sedona View

Sedona View, originally uploaded by Tut99.

What an amazing view view to put it mildly!-koduckgirl

At the Bar

At the Bar, originally uploaded by fusaka.

"Here, drink this hot candle wax". Grand-Mère, Québec, November 2004, before an improvisation match.

Such an artfully done bar scene with a great caption to match!-koduckgirl

stop for snow

stop for snow, originally uploaded by Troy McCullough.

It's a beautiful, snowy day in Baltimore, and everybody in the city with a Flickr account is out chasing down photos.

This is a great photo with spot color which is like cutout but natural...excellant!-koduckgirl


Olhao, originally uploaded by acampm1.

Olhao Harbour, Algarve

Such a soothing, vevety smooth sky!-koduckgirl

My necklace

My necklace, originally uploaded by mmlobster.

She's like a porcelain doll flawless complexion!-koduckgirl

Water Lilies and Ripples

The fountain was on in Mum and Dad's Pond and I loved the look of the ripples. Notice how the water becomes still after the lilies and they have a near perfect reflection.

Perfect enuff for all of us! Super lovely!-koduckgirl

Lily Nectar 3

Lily Nectar 3, originally uploaded by rhiannon_and_paul.

I'm still playing around with that lily. No flash this time.

Great work and check out that drop!!-koduckgirl

Escena del puerto

Escena del puerto, originally uploaded by Any Manetta.

Simple and very well done!-koduckgirl

Mosque at Tophane, İstanbul

Mosque at Tophane, İstanbul, originally uploaded by Semih Hazar.

ISO 100, 15 sec @ 23mm, f/13

Such a lucious Blk n Wht, love it!-koduckgirl

Ladies free all night

Ladies free all night, originally uploaded by xeer.

Mangans nightclub on Carey's Lane has been a regular haunt of nightclubbers in Cork for many years. I haven't frequented this establishment in a long time but I bet it's exactly the same inside! Is it called Vibes now? I saw that logo above this sign.
Ladies are free in on Sunday nights!

It looks so Beatnik 50's to me...very nice blk n wht!-koduckgirl


Sunset, originally uploaded by mcdlacrosse9.

I definitely see Heaven...definitely!-koduckgirl

Bois d'ébène - Ebony wood

"Bois d'ébène" était l'expression utilisée par les négriers français quand ils parlaient des esclaves. L'ébène de la clarinette pourrait être le symbole de l'oppression des noirs et l'or des clés celui de la richesse accumulée par les esclavagistes.
La ville de Bordeaux fut malheureusement le premier port négrier de France pendant près de 200 ans.
Bien que Louis Armstrong ait toujours joué de la trompette, cette chanson me paraissait appropriée.

"Ebony wood" was the expression used by the French slave traders when they spoke about the slaves. The ebony of the clarinet could be the symbol of the oppression of Black people and the golden keys the one of the richness accumulated by the slave owners.
The city of Bordeaux was unfortunately the first slave trader harbour in France for nearly 200 years.

That says it all very well put!-koduckgirl

Taking Wing

Taking Wing, originally uploaded by LexiJoy.


Sand Reflections

Sand Reflections, originally uploaded by acampm1.

Today at Praia Da Rocha

Fantastic texture!-koduckgirl

Peace Lily

Peace Lily, originally uploaded by algo.

Favourite indoor plant - likes my house.
By the window on this dull day - time to use the tripod. Lovely depth of focus. But I missed cuddling the camera, so took a few hand held, lens wide open. And this is one of those. They just feel better, and I even like the fallen pollen oof.

Nature is amazing in-a-it?-koduckgirl

Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu

Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu, originally uploaded by Dey.

A festive and colorful image makes me feel cheerful!-koduckgirl

double duck

double duck, originally uploaded by

The reflection made this - the duality of the duck and its shadows - the right light I guess

Shot handheld with the trusy 300mm lens again on AV, cropped and curves tweaked to enhance the feathers - this just works for me.

Does it work for you?

uh yeah it definitely DOES work uhah works very very well!-koduckgirl

Bolney church

Bolney church, originally uploaded by shacky.

these flowers seem to catch my eye aganst this old church (about 1000 yrs old
of which some parts date back to saxon time ) in the grave yard
this is why i shot it at night

Moody and stunning and stones full of history!-koduckgirl

metamorphosis in red

metamorphosis in red, originally uploaded by xenonb..

Verwandlung ist nicht Lüge.
(Rainer Maria Rilke)

Transformation is not lie.
(Rainer Maria Rilke)

Knock dead gorgeous!-koduckgirl


Tulum, originally uploaded by Becas (Fernanda).

It's like a 50's travel postcard very nice subdued color!-koduckgirl

Fishing By Moonlight

Fishing By Moonlight, originally uploaded by acampm1.

There are a couple of blokes fishing here - you can just see the blur of one behind his rod.

Taken on Faro Beech, Portugal.

15s, f3.5

Speaking of saturation...Delicious!-koduckgirl


Glow, originally uploaded by charles van L..

Saturation at it's best!-koduckgirl

Row of Linden trees in the cloud

Row of Linden trees in the cloud, originally uploaded by algo.

No! Not just another misty one. The Chilterns were covered in low cloud, and It was like being in a fine (and very wet) drizzle. So not mist? That's my story, anyway.

We'll accept it however you wanna play it ;-) great one!-koduckgirl

The Pencil n Ruler

The Pencil n Ruler, originally uploaded by RtOaNn.

Remember these things...It's very nostalgic and nicely done!-koduckgirl