Wednesday, March 08, 2006

M & M

M & M, originally uploaded by jamica2005.

The one looking in the distance is my 8 year old son with his girlfriend. They came just out of the cold Belgian North Sea, swimming with their clothes on.

Pure amazingness!-koduckgirl


Amaryllis, originally uploaded by Jim Moran.

Macro of a flower we've been growing for the past month.

Wow just take a look at that pollen!-koduckgirl

Dusk At Marinha

Dusk At Marinha, originally uploaded by acampm1.

This is the main stack on Marinha Beach, between Benagil and Porches in the Algarve, South Portugal, caught at dusk.

I needed three trips to catch the shot for technical reasons (OK, first time I had dust in the AF, second time I got lost), which gave me time to think about it.

In my view this is one of Europe's most attractive beaches.

There is a set dedicated to it if anyone fancies a look.

An amazing rock AND photo!-koduckgirl

Lake Eola - Orlando, FL

Lake Eola - Orlando, FL, originally uploaded by m_l_w.

The anhinga from downtown. He was a bird with attitude.

(I've only enhanced the color of the photo and sharpend the feathers (maybe a bit of contrast, but I can't remember). The water is not edited, it looks the way it does because it's reflecting the sky and the buildings on the other side of the lake)

They have some amazing birds in Florida!-koduckgirl

Mello Yello

Mello Yello, originally uploaded by trentstrohm.

I came across this patch of Globe Flowers on a hike in the Swiss Alps near Gimmelwald

We're so very glad you did...gorgeous!-koduckgirl

Mais caju... / Cashew

Mais caju... / Cashew, originally uploaded by twi23.

Interesting subject, well shot!koduckgirl