Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Golden Seagull

Golden Seagull, originally uploaded by acampm1.

Seagull In Olhao Harbour Today

A Fantastic Flight!-koduckgirl

Broken Bridge

Broken Bridge, originally uploaded by Falcon16.

I broke the 1st string twice and i didnt feel like getting another pack so i just played with it empty. The lack of tension and vibrations from the guitar being played and dropped eventually made it come off.

That is too bad that happened but...what a great macro!!-koduckgirl

Ascension Island Crab

Ascension Island Crab, originally uploaded by Photo Lacroix.

One of the las paradises on earth. Right in the midle of the Atlantic.

Incredible place, even more incredible creature!-koduckgirl

mile 10

mile 10, originally uploaded by m1788.

Mardi Gras marathon, Lakeview

This works so well in blk n wht!-koduckgirl


Burano, originally uploaded by namq.

Burano near Venice.

What colors!!!-koduckgirl

I am curious to learn wich cropping you like best...

Live with intention.
Walk to the edge.
Listen hard.
Practice wellness.
L a u g h.
Choose with no regret.
Continue to learn.
Appreciate your friends.
Do what you love.
Live as if this is all there is!

Mary Ann Radmacher

Such a wild image so many questions pop into your head chief of which is What are these fully clothed women doing in the ocean is it a rite of passage? are they a little nuts ;-) I love the waves too!-koduckgirl

Monesteroli 3

Monesteroli 3, originally uploaded by cienne45.

A beautiful secluded spot!-koduckgirl

Small yellow fireworks

Small yellow fireworks, originally uploaded by Toby Oxborrow.

A top down view of some very pretty looking and colourful flowers in Hong Kong.

A gorgeous arrangement!-koduckgirl

Avec le temps - In course of time

Ouest de Bordeaux - Gironde - France
West from Bordeaux

I love the broken up reflection, the ice is very painterly!-koduckgirl

Dragon, up close

Dragon, up close, originally uploaded by NYUFrenchy2006.

Chinese New Year Parade, Hôtel de Ville, Paris, France

Very skewed, a lil too close for comfort, & very very cool!!-koduckgirl

Os Ancares desde Degrada

Os Ancares desde Degrada, originally uploaded by Contremo.

El último pueblo antes de Piornedo de Ancares si vamos por el lado gallego es Degrada, donde está el arbergue (bueno, en realidad hay que subir una cuesta terrorífica aún).

Si sacamos fotos desde el lado de la fuente nos encontraremos con este espectáculo.

Por cierto, quien queira ver el trucaje que precisó esta foto, que lo mire en

Mountain landscape at Os Ancares, Galicia, Spain

Fabulous depth and greenness!!-koduckgirl

Thoughtful in Red

Thoughtful in Red, originally uploaded by Java Cafe.

Portraiture of a friend, by a friend [for a friend.]

So full of character and I love the red!!-koduckgirl


grapevine7, originally uploaded by jaki good.

Strong grip well portrayed!-koduckgirl

Modern times....

Modern times...., originally uploaded by **ANNE.


Superb candid shot Anne!-koduckgirl

Introducing the curly light

Introducing the curly light, originally uploaded by Banilla Bella.

Wow never thought of photoing one of them then again don't know if I could as well!-koduckgirl

Macro of Amaryllis

2005-11-25_ 0031, originally uploaded by JJSchad.

Artfully framed!!-koduckgirl


Maunzerle, originally uploaded by oefe.

Different and definitely full of whimsy!-koduckgirl


v, originally uploaded by LRod.

Beautiful To Me

Beautiful to us also!!-koduckgirl

A room with a view

A room with a view, originally uploaded by Traces in the Sand.

My rather puny tent by the side of Deniz Golu at 3300m below Kackar summit. A perfect spot for a picnic. There were only 3 of us there, so it was an idyllic spot to camp. One of the most beautiful places I've stayed.

We all agree with you Pete it's a perfect place to picnic-now invite us!-koduckgirl

Stretching in the Sun

Stretching in the Sun, originally uploaded by MaiKoh.

Self-portrait: Butterfly stretches in the sun.

P.S. For those concerned few: no, no this does not hurt. Feels kinda refreshing!

Yes it looks it and what a refreshing selfportrait!-koduckgirl

Flannel Flowers

Flannel Flowers, originally uploaded by Kent Johnson.

lovely and subtle blk n wht!-koduckgirl

, originally uploaded by namq.

Color isn't all it's cracked up to be ;-)...this is just gorgeous!-koduckgirl

Hooray! Blue sky!!!!

Hooray! Blue sky!!!!, originally uploaded by Jaxpix50.

Taken at Houghton Hag wood Burnley. We had to get out for a walk yesterday with arrival of blue skies and a litlte sunshine... marvellous!

I love this an especially good one of these kind of treetop photos!-koduckgirl

the sea above

the sea above, originally uploaded by mioi.

Amazing blue and then there are those chimney towers Bravo!-koduckgirl

Geisha: The Next Generation... 

The daughter of a Japanese tourist dressed up like a maiko for a day of sight seeing in Kyoto. Dressing up like a geisha or maiko is actually much more popular among Japanese tourists than it is among the foreigners. Thats not to say that I havent done it! :)


Wonderful I am speechless!-koduckgirl

Big Ben

Big Ben, originally uploaded by J J J Jiggs.

Big n Beautiful this version is!-koduckgirl

Eternal and bright Lisbon

Eternal and bright Lisbon, originally uploaded by Joana S..

A lot of people say that Lisbon has a special brightness...

City center - Lisbon - Portugal

Brilliant is how I would describe it!-koduckgirl

Water cycle

Water cycle, originally uploaded by tiny_tear.

Definitely more tothis than meets the eye!-koduckgirl


Crystal, originally uploaded by kayodeok.

Looks like the frost from the previous day didn't finish melting before the next freeze

Great light on these Rhinestone-like crystals!-koduckgirl

Desolation Road

Desolation Road, originally uploaded by jbbois.

Thi is so right out of a 50's Sci Fi flick!-koduckgirl

Blaue Adern -- nerved blue

Blaue Adern -- nerved blue, originally uploaded by xenonb..

Platycodon grandiflorum - Ballonblume - balloon flower

Beautiful color and stunning nervous system!-koduckgirl

Winged Elm Macro

Winged Elm Macro, originally uploaded by Ken Blackwell.

The winged elm is a fascinating tree with very tangled winged branches.

Wonderfully delicate!-koduckgirl

1-800 DNA

1-800 DNA, originally uploaded by twi23.

foto para o call center de um laboratório?

A beautiful teist on a twisted coil ;-)-koduckgirl

the wheel

the wheel, originally uploaded by Traces in the Sand.

Tugba Ulker, 2002

A rustic looking Koru shape ancient and resilient!-koduckgirl

I Hate Winter......But Not Today!

Beautiful and soft I can almost see each snow crystal!-koduckgirl