Monday, March 06, 2006

You're the next...

You're the next..., originally uploaded by sans.otto.

Take a good nikon D70 camera for the first time and try to shot something...

thanks to Marco(you must join flickr soon!!!) that give me the pleasure to use his D70!;)

Quite menacing keep at it!-koduckgirl

lectric pole_04

lectric pole_04, originally uploaded by amishsteve.

A fabulous angle and a must-see large!-koduckgirl

insetti - 41

insetti - 41, originally uploaded by cienne45.

Wer're happy that Carlo is getting into the bugs!-koduckgirl


Pavão, originally uploaded by Gastão.

Orquidário - Santos

First rate framing!-koduckgirl


EarBuds, originally uploaded by Gnome673.

Never thought Apple accessory could be so artrful...well shot!-koduckgirl

Ice on a dirty window way! It wasn't my window to clean.

Sometimes dirty is a beautiful thing...a cool thing!-koduckgirl


DSCN660, originally uploaded by cienne45.

A nice one!-koduckgirl

, originally uploaded by sharply_done.

A beauty and just plain impressive!-koduckgirl

Pine drops

Pine drops, originally uploaded by redRob13.

Fantastic macro the drops look like glass!-koduckgirl

tree stumps in a row ....or two...

pruned willow trees - The Netherlands

Wilgen...op een rij

Now here's a very different vanishing point image so well composed and shot and such colors!!-koduckgirl

Next time I looked, they were gone

This is one of Selfridges' many window displays that caught my eye.

I took this late at night (2230 hours?) on 23 December because I didn't want Christmas shoppers walking into picture. I think the shops on Oxford Circus were open till 2200 hours that night so it was still a busy night with shoppers milling around and with double decker buses ruining my shots with distracting reflections.

I went back with a polarizer a few nights later but the displays had all gone.

Glad to see the perfect title for such a perfectly surreal image!-koduckgirl

Icy waters

Icy waters, originally uploaded by GazzaP.

Frozen ice on the canal at Slapton

Great reflection, excellently framed!-koduckgirl


zigzag, originally uploaded by qofd.

I'm sure these paths were made by sober person could make a path so crooked

An enchanting zigzag!-koduckgirl

Stop! The Birds!

Stop! The Birds!, originally uploaded by xeer.

Street lighting and STOP sign pictured on the quays just up from here last Saturday.
I wanted to make the stop sign jump out a bit more but didn't want to force it too much. I do like the leading lines the guide the eye to the top of the pole!

All I can say is...Brilliant framing don't stop taking pictures whatever you do!-koduckgirl

Light's way

Light's way, originally uploaded by Viorica G.

Candlelit vanishing point...brilliant idea!-koduckgirl


Sailing, originally uploaded by chrisflyer.

This is taken on 2 Oct 2005 in Merzouga of Morocco. A Berber is on his way home.
The Sahara Desert

So tranquil and a heavenly color plus they look like plastic toys the scale is so haywire!-koduckgirl


Yellowstone, originally uploaded by Kevin Saff.

Interesting surface texture hard to believe it's Earth!-koduckgirl

Lady Lula's Bright Eyed Stare

Lady Lula's Bright Eyed Stare, originally uploaded by Zulpha.

Such an exotic feline beauty!-koduckgirl