Sunday, March 05, 2006

Blue drop

Blue drop, originally uploaded by webinteger.

A very nice and icey one!-koduckgirl

The stem.

The stem., originally uploaded by mariekefotografeert.

A really nice healthy looking apple...well shot!-koduckgirl


Lifesavers, originally uploaded by sharply_done.

Beautiful icy white on white!-koduckgirl

Dylan a bubbling

Dylan a bubbling, originally uploaded by vvt.

A sweet magical moment!-koduckgirl

Eighth Wonder

Eighth Wonder, originally uploaded by Yandream.

People say that Terra Cotta Warriors are the eighth wonder of the world.
People also say that King Kong is the eight wonder of the world.
People say that Great Wall is eighth wonder of the world as well.
People say...

People say...this is an amazing image of one of the 8th wonders of the world!-koduckgirl

blades of gold

blades of gold, originally uploaded by jaki good.

14k Gold I would say!-koduckgirl

Puff Ball on Ice

Puff Ball on Ice, originally uploaded by Ken Blackwell.

This is a edited version of a previous dandelion ball. Yes, that's real frost.

A hard to shoot for sure stunning frosty one!-koduckgirl

Double Drops

Double Drops, originally uploaded by JuanJ.

A pix I took today of two drops of water hitting right after each other. This pix was of drops from a fountain using natural lighting. Just something I was playing around with since I'm in the early stages of learning macro type shots.

Keep it up these are fabulous!-koduckgirl

In movement

In movement, originally uploaded by pedrosimoes7.

Lisbon, Portugal

Another bit of candid magic!-koduckgirl

2006.2.4 White bare wood 2

2006.2.4 White bare wood 2, originally uploaded by crazyshin.

crape-myrtle(in japanese, sarusuberi, さるすべり)
神代植物公園, Jindai Shokubutsu Park (botanical garden) Tokyo,Japan
2006.2.11 6:00(JST)

A lovely lit one!-koduckgirl

Obeying the Communists 1948-1989, Prague

Obeying the Communists 1948-1989
An open sculpture group in Prague, Czech Republic.

Amazing sculpture, Superbly composed!-koduckgirl

Lost and Alone

Lost and Alone, originally uploaded by Zulpha.

It's my foot! Wondering off on it's own... again

What a whimsical idea and so Original! Love it!-koduckgirl

rainy morning

rainy morning, originally uploaded by Troy McCullough.

Looking out onto my deck on a wet Friday morning. The light was pretty this time of day.

We are inclined to agree with you Troy and thru your lens especially!-koduckgirl

View of the Downs

View of the Downs, originally uploaded by starbeard.

Enjoying a break from the trail, these cyclists were casting such interesting shadows with their bikes that I gave up photographing the sweeping views of the North and South Downs from the top of Leith Hill tower, and instead pointed the camera straight downwards.

We love the way you see Starbeard! ;-)-koduckgirl

Accipiter gentilis

Accipiter gentilis, originally uploaded by namq.

Sharp and penetrating gaze!-koduckgirl


DSCN560, originally uploaded by cienne45.

The most beautifully shaped thorn edge bar none!-koduckgirl

Sunrise at Lake

Sunrise at Lake, originally uploaded by Ken Blackwell.

Enterprise City Park. Another shot from 1 Feb. It's all fogged in...1/4 mile, this a.m.

Such a glasslike reflection and surface!-koduckgirl

love a duck

love a duck, originally uploaded by

Duck in the Brisbane Botanical Gardens.

Not perfect - the 300mm lens is a heavy beast and hard to sabilise but I love the way it worked - adjusted in photoshop to bring out the colors more and here we have it. The crop was problematic as its really a head shot only - i cropped a little from the all for sides to center it more.

Thoughts and suggestions are the reason its here, so dont be shy !

Quack, Quack that's a charming duck portrait!-koduckgirl

Monopolizing The Electrons

Monopolizing The Electrons, originally uploaded by M.O.C..

This is my best lightning shot of 2005. It struck about a block away from me. Even though I was in my car it still scared me half to death. There were other bolts striking from the same point but I rolled up my window and took off (big chicken), the other ones were multiple strikes, I sure wish I had the courage to stay there!! Oh well, safety first. Hope you enjoy. This shot was handheld, which isn't too difficult since it was 1 a.m. and very dark. I used an aperture of 14.1, shutter of 5sec., and iso 200. I use the bulb setting until I capture the amount of bolts I want in my photo. Some of my other shots are four minutes long-tripod-mounted of course.

Best lightning Shot I have seen bar none!Big chicken is NOT what I would call you-well done!-koduckgirl