Friday, March 03, 2006

It's a Small World

It's a Small World, originally uploaded by bubba trout.

The world is in your hands. What are you going to do wih it?

This is winning prizes all over the place, we can say we saw you when...
It is so compelling and poignant...I shudder to think!-koduckgirl

"The hardest thing in life to learn is which bridge to cross and which to burn." David Russell.

The river contained very little water. But what concerned me was the growth of those pretty bright green water plants in it. A plant that spreads as a plaque in the South of India. The growth is so dense that there is no life life underneath it possible. It blocks all the sunlight. Killing beauty...
On the other side of the bridge, almost invisible in this photo, people were doing the laundry in what little water was left these days. We walked over there, and watched them for quite some time... Such a colorful sight!
Madurai, India

I love the stories that go with this girl's work almost as much as the photos themselves...ALMOST ;-)


2003-12-25_001, originally uploaded by JJSchad.

Stormy Sunset in the Black Hills

A dark n stormy by "our very own" Admin J JSchad... Nice work Jill!-koduckgirl

Van Dusen Gardens

Van Dusen Gardens, originally uploaded by p.m.graham.

Van Dusen Botanical Gardens, Vancouver, BC

Really tranquil spot!-koduckgirl

Nearly There

Nearly There, originally uploaded by Jacco Noordhuizen.

to the beach!

Nearly there?? With this photo, Jacco, you are totally there!...TOTALLY!-koduckgirl

Snow Capped Cathedrals

Snow Capped Cathedrals, originally uploaded by MaiKoh.

Such a strong Blk n Wht winter image!-koduckgirl

Below It He Would Sit

Below It He Would Sit, originally uploaded by Mr. Mikey Mike.

Below It He Would Sit
Standing here
The old man said to me,
"Long before these crowded streets
Here stood my dreaming tree."
Below it he would sit
For hours at a time
Now progress takes away
What forever took to find
And now he's falling hard
He feels the falling dark
How he longs to be
Beneath his dreaming tree

-The Dreaming Tree, by Dave Matthews Band.

This Tilt-shift looking beauty is an easy in for here!-koduckgirl

sister secret

sister secret, originally uploaded by jaki good.

ally and taylor have the giggles.

A special moment caught so well in Sepiatone!-koduckgirl

Children of Lao Chai

Children of Lao Chai, originally uploaded by mboogiedown.

The little brother and sister of my friend Chem, A Black Hmong girl from Lao Chai village near Sapa, nortern Vietnam. I nearly died chasing this boy thru the water-filled rice paddies, running along the soggy,narrow ridges that separate the terraces. My feet sunk ankle deep into the mud, which splashed up all over me, as I nearly took a dive into the mirky waters. Needless to say I was quite a mess by the time i caught up with him and gave him a good tickle! Of course he was perfectly clean. he floated above the feilds with such speed and agility...I must be getting old :D

Fabulous double portrait!-koduckgirl

, originally uploaded by jodi_tripp.

Dazzling work!-koduckgirl

A Splash of Color

A Splash of Color, originally uploaded by sans.otto.

There is such a Lomo-like quality to this-splendid!-koduckgirl

like paper

like paper, originally uploaded by xenonb..

Linum usitatissimum - Flax Weed - Leinkraut

Yes I would agree this is a lovely paper-like beauty and such a color!-koduckgirl

Icy and soft

Icy and soft, originally uploaded by vermu.

Spirals looked very soft though cold. Lohja, Finland

A definite beauty!-koduckgirl


DSCF0082-6, originally uploaded by Vanda's Pictures.

On a first outing with my new camera and found this old BMX bike washed up onto the shore

Nothing like lucky firsts this is a great found item shot!-koduckgirl


Airbourne, originally uploaded by mrrr_55.

Feet, why do I need them if I have wings to fly?
- Frida Kahlo (1907 - 1954)

It's hard to top that quote!...So I won't try...Excellant work!-koduckgirl

Waiting for friends

Waiting for friends, originally uploaded by GazzaP.

We can all relate to this familiar and resonating photo EH?!-koduckgirl


Seagull, originally uploaded by Vanda's Pictures.

First time out with my new Finepix S5600 (thanks Jim) caught this seagull taking a walk

Never thought of a seagull taking a walk, Great!-koduckgirl


Fountain, originally uploaded by koduckgirl.

Thanks to Church of One for honoring this one!!!-koduckgirl

Frilly mushrooms 2

Frilly mushrooms 2, originally uploaded by LBELL.

Warm temps + rain = fungus !

Pre-Christmas the weather turned balmy. Sixty degrees & rain made toadstools & mushrooms pop up all over the neighborhood. These guys - unlike any I'd ever seen before - popped up in a neighbors yard. First time I saw them (late twilight) I thought they were too fantastic to be real; they had to be some of those ceramic or glass lawn ornaments folks often put in their flower beds. Next day we walk by - imagine my astonishment to realize they are alive !

Our astonishment too baby...our astonishment too!

Do you see it? (as often: it's all in the details.....)

Havana, Cuba gotta love them details!-koduckgirl

"I'll tell you how the sun rose ~ one ribbon at a time." Emily Dickinson

Waiting for the sun to rise above the bay of Bengal.
(Mamallapuram, India)

This is so great already and then there's that bovine beauty!-koduckgirl

morning mist

morning mist, originally uploaded by algo.

This is not a collage. It is a straight photo of valley and ridge on the edge of the Chilterns. I could hardly believe it when I first saw it, and just hope I have caught it effectively enough.
I think it becomes clearer when viewed Large.

Of course you have "caught it effectively enough"! As usual my dear! ;-)-koduckgirl

Crystals through a macro lense

Crystals through a macro lense, originally uploaded by vermu.

November, Lohja, Finland

The most delicate macro I have seen Bar None!-koduckgirl

red light

red light, originally uploaded by sophiacreek.

Clever shot with the colorful rainy light!-koduckgirl

Escher's Spoon

Escher's Spoon, originally uploaded by PeterParker.

I don't remember Escher doing something this hot!very cool!-koduckgirl

towering in the dark

towering in the dark, originally uploaded by

Bitumen plant at Pinkenba - these white tanks picked up so much of the surrounding light reflections and make for a cool shot of industrial function at night - I am fairly happy with this one, the problem is always capturing enough light without washing out - this is 25 seconds from memory but I think i can do better - I had the camera on a lowish ISO so need to work with it. still experimenting with night shots.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Comments - all welcome and wanted

Rhema Surfaces
Pinkenba, QLD
PC 4008

My two cents? You are doing great! This is a Magical night image!-koduckgirl

Gato del Naranco

Gato del Naranco, originally uploaded by Alejandro V.

A blue-eyed wonder!-koduckgirl

Parade IV

Parade IV, originally uploaded by sharply_done.

Chinese New Year celebrations.

Beautifully tone blk n wht!-koduckgirl

, originally uploaded by riklomas.

Reminds me of cinematography in the 1920's like by F.W. Mirnau or someone!-koduckgirl


0104-6, originally uploaded by Herr Tumnus.

I love the way the branch frames the mist!-koduckgirl


Ruined, originally uploaded by *Michele.

Such a dramatic skeleton!-koduckgirl

Balzac woman hearing Bach

Balzac woman hearing Bach, originally uploaded by pedrosimoes7.

Lisbon, Portugal

Fabulous candid shot!-koduckgirl

Inside The Colosseum

Inside The Colosseum, originally uploaded by alborz_d92.

This is an odd photo taken through the walls of the Colosseum, Rome.

A nice piece of history!-koduckgirl


FRIENDSHIP 1, originally uploaded by jamica2005.

6-year old boy & girl.

Such a unique childhood image!-koduckgirl

Broken Pieces

Broken Pieces, originally uploaded by RtOaNn.

Abandoned pieces at Sungei Rd.

Nostalgic and Detailed!-koduckgirl


beech, originally uploaded by shacky.

Grrreat Beach image I can feel that foam and wanna throw that rock!-koduckgirl

Abandoned 3

Abandoned 3, originally uploaded by Church of One.

A well chosen color!-koduckgirl