Thursday, March 02, 2006

Automn is gone

Automn is gone, originally uploaded by cabstiv.

Automn is gone
Feuille d'automne
Bijou vermeil
Qui tourbillonne
Dans le soleil,
Flambe l' automne
Pourpres et ors
Qui vermillonnent
Tel un trésor.

Feuille dansante
Dans le vent fou
Qui, frissonnante
Tombe à genoux
En la supplique
Des feux mourants,
Dans leurs tourments.

Sème l' automne
Sur les étangs
Combien s'étonne
Le cygne blanc
Qui, sous les aunes
S' en va glissant.
L'air monotone
Va s'imprégnant.

Dans les vallées
Au cœur saignant
Taches rouillées
Feuilles de sang,
Les feuilles mortes,
Les souvenirs
Vont en cohorte
Semblant s'unir.

Ces fleurs du rêve
Tombent en pleurs
Avec la sève
D' anciens bonheurs.
Les feuilles mortes,
Leurs parfums lourds
Ferment la porte
De nos amours.

Poème de Charlotte Serre
(née Hortense Tourenne), héroïne avec son mari, de la Résistance en Périgord fut déportée au camp de
Ravensbrück où elle porta le numéro matricule Na 37999. Elle en réchappa et put témoigner de ce qu'elle avait vécu et subi
pour, dit-elle : " que vous restiez aujourd'hui des enfants libres dans votre Pays."
Que la publication, ici, d'un de ses jolis poèmes lui soit un hommage rendu.

Crisp and chilly!-koduckgirl

memories of autumn

memories of autumn, originally uploaded by jaki good.

i found a card containing images that i had taken this past fall...somehow i forgot to donwload here they are!

Such light I don't remember autumn looking so beautifully lit!-koduckgirl

so delicate

so delicate, originally uploaded by vvt.

No sudden movements please!

Best viewed large

Please also have a look at my bubble set while you are passing through. Thanks.

Definitely a fragile and lovely one!-koduckgirl

Spreading my wings!

Spreading my wings!, originally uploaded by JuanJ.

Birds on a pole relaxing...but one is ready to take off. After some suggestions I cropped the pix a little tighter.

Nicely framed, great line-up!-koduckgirl

Today a snowfall covered Genoa - # 26

Something Mozart about this!-koduckgirl

dusk on cannon beach

dusk on cannon beach, originally uploaded by mega mark.

Like chrome glass and so foreboding!-koduckgirl

Rowing Home

Rowing Home, originally uploaded by lindes.

So like a water beetle lovely!-koduckgirl


tunnel, originally uploaded by EugeniaF.

Space-temporal tunnell (no gimp involved ;)

So uniquely claustrophobic very great!-koduckgirl

Sun Peaking Through Driveway II

All the magical elements of winter!-koduckgirl

iced in swans

iced in swans, originally uploaded by algo.

I spent a happy hour watching swans and ducks dealing with the iced up end of the lake. They took less notice of me than ever before.

About 30 yards (metres) of the lake was largely out of the sun, and so still iced. Pa swan broke a channel by putting his body weight onto the ice, which broke with a sharp crack. He seemed as interested in lapping something up off the surface as he reached it, as in making the channel.
Quite soon Ma joined him, although she did not join in the ice breaking.
Then the ducks swam in, but soon found they could walk on the ice, or rather skate on it. Comical how they put a foot forward and it slid an inch or so, and they looked like skaters.

Great story, Great photo!-koduckgirl

Fishing Piers

Fishing Piers, originally uploaded by kathyv.

This photograph was taken in Fulton, Texas on March 1, 2005.

A mesmerizing long exposure!-koduckgirl

Prince of Wales Hotel

Prince of Wales Hotel, originally uploaded by Ken Blackwell.

The hotel is located at the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, Alberta, Canada. We had lunch there one day while touring the Park.

Fabulous and so Heidi!-koduckgirl

Age of the Cell Phone

Age of the Cell Phone, originally uploaded by jayhoc.

In the age of the cell phone, pay phones were subject to genocide.

A crisp retro image!-koduckgirl


wings, originally uploaded by algo.

and eyes and hairs - but look at those translucent wings - wonderful nature.
on Marjoram

Yes, it's from the Summer, but I wanted a change from fog, swans, sunsets etc.

A what a change! very great and I love how it looks ever so slightly distorted like skewed!-koduckgirl

Simple serenity

Simple serenity, originally uploaded by GazzaP.

Simply and softly blk n wht!-koduckgirl

Open and Shut

Open and Shut, originally uploaded by Lisa4414.

A couple of seagulls hovering in front of our balcony in Ocean City, Maryland

Such a free and fluid image!-koduckgirl

Atomic cacti

Atomic cacti, originally uploaded by LBELL.

Capitol Park, mid-January mid-morning sun makes cacti glow like a nuclear experiment.

Love the laser light look!-koduckgirl

Golden pins

Golden pins, originally uploaded by webinteger.

Golden Delicious!-koduckgirl

the brickwall girl

the brickwall girl, originally uploaded by crab in the bucket.

Another interesting self portrait!-koduckgirl

On the high road

On the high road, originally uploaded by Traces in the Sand.

Self portrait on top of Fairy ridge. Had a slight case of sun stroke while up there and nearly wobbled off the side - which would have hurt - hence the steadying hand!

Thank gawd for that we wouldn't wanna lose you honey!-koduckgirl

Take my heart......

Take my heart......, originally uploaded by cattycamehome.

.....but you will never capture my soul.

Clever and well shot!-koduckgirl

01-07-2006 015

01-07-2006 015, originally uploaded by Maxime Theriault.

So soft and cold!-koduckgirl

Insects - # 35

Insects - # 35, originally uploaded by cienne45.

Never seen a close-up of a hopper and cropped so maserfully!-koduckgirl

Empire Moon 2

Empire Moon 2, originally uploaded by citybumpkin.

Over Chelsea. New apartment building on the Westside with the moon and the Empire State Building in background, December 12th, 2005.

You have the Midas Touch and that Moon!!-koduckgirl

, originally uploaded by sharply_done.

Storefront mannequins, awaiting new garb.

Great timing and tones well done!-koduckgirl

20th Century Photography

20th Century Photography, originally uploaded by LinkTree.

Great and edgey Blk n Wht!-koduckgirl

Beautiful Light

Beautiful Light, originally uploaded by kayodeok.

I've been trying to put into practise the tips I'm picking up in "Masterclass in Photography" and this is one of my better efforts.

This is the Hammersmith Bridge captured at dusk just as the light begins to fail.

I am not too thrilled about the horizon but as usual, I didn't have my tripod with me so I rested the camera on the embankment.

You are getting to be the master of this bridge Kayode ;-) great job!-koduckgirl


Samos, originally uploaded by Contremo.

En el camino de Santiago, entre O Cebreiro y Sarria nos encontramos con este convento, desde el cual Fray Martín Sarmiento difundió sus estudios sobre la lengua gallega, en el siglo XVIII

Very cool panoramic!-koduckgirl


Choose., originally uploaded by dannywartnaby.

An easy choice for HoF!-koduckgirl

Reflective Marbles

Reflective Marbles, originally uploaded by rymdborje.

Such an amazing sculpture along with the photo of it!-koduckgirl

Scenic Horse

Scenic Horse, originally uploaded by pongboy.

This is a picture of a horse taken in a remote and isolated part of Africa near Olifantshoek, South Africa.