Wednesday, March 01, 2006

windmill land...

windmill land..., originally uploaded by mike nl.

Kinderdijk - NL

Take me there-NOW!-koduckgirl

Walking the Dog

Walking the Dog, originally uploaded by JuanJ.

A silhouette of a couple walking their dog up a slight hill @ Roundhay Park in Leeds, England. I did some post processing to take out the overexpose on the left & replaced.

Classic scene from English countryside nice!-koduckgirl

petrified trees

petrified trees, originally uploaded by mike nl.

Celestún - Mexico
The place is actually called the "Tampeten" petrified forest. Apparently it is caused by the high concentration of salt in the water (and air, since it's very close to the coast)

Wild America!-koduckgirl

Ishak Pasa Palace

Ishak Pasa Palace, originally uploaded by Traces in the Sand.

Possibly the best campsite view in the world... The Ishak Pasa Sarayi overlooks Dogubeyazit (Doggy Biscuit) in the far east of Turkey near the Iran border. This was my first night in Turkey after leaving Iran.

That's got to be the most incredible colored lighting I have seen well done!-koduckgirl

"Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows." Helen Keller

Girl at the magnificent Brihadishwara temple wich is located in Thanjavur. (Tamil Nadu, India)

The lovelyness of youth!-koduckgirl

King of the wood

King of the wood, originally uploaded by  Lothann.

Very handsome and formative creature well shot and seen!-koduckgirl


Gouttes, originally uploaded by  Lothann.

So varied and so mirror like!koduckgirl

sugared plums seller

sugared plums seller, originally uploaded by Marco and Julie.

冰糖葫蘆. A classic Beijing street snack.

Nikon F75, ILFORD B&W ISO 400, 28-80mm

A classic street snack made fantastic with a superb use of cutout well done!-koduckgirl


Teahouse-Step, originally uploaded by happygrrl.

In the teahouse at Vizcaya, in Coral Gables, Florida

Perfectly beautiful Holga!-koduckgirl

Qatar SkyScrapers

Qatar SkyScrapers, originally uploaded by inc0gn!to.

This is area is quite new and theyre building like a whole new thing there itll be done by 2008 i guess and it'll make qatar almost like "the manhattan of the gulf"

Looks like a toy model cool colors!-koduckgirl

Sunset over Goreme

Sunset over Goreme, originally uploaded by Traces in the Sand.

The sun setting over the village of Goreme. Uchisar can be seen on the horizon.

Zonkers what an amazing place!-koduckgirl

It's alive!

It's alive!, originally uploaded by Jaxpix50.

We found a living wall on our walk the other day.

Spot on angle really adds to the serpentineness plus the rambling countryside!-koduckgirl


sunflower, originally uploaded by qofd.

This is a side of a Sunflower I have NEVER seen!-koduckgirl

Desert Sky

Desert Sky, originally uploaded by Ken Blackwell.

At Arches National Park

Dramatic is an understatement!-koduckgirl

Lions I

Lions I, originally uploaded by sharply_done.

The Lions, as seen from Black Mountain.


Close to the Edge...

Close to the Edge..., originally uploaded by Brian Catacutan.

A bunch of teenagers waiting for a clothing store to open in Harajuku Street, Tokyo Japan. It was the day after New Years, and apparently a huge shopping day because all the stores on the street looked like this one.
So Hot and so Edge and I love the collective Bay City Rollers hair!-koduckgirl

19 Dec 05 - Genoa, Italy # 02

19 Dec 05 - Genoa, Italy # 02, originally uploaded by cienne45.

Monday, December 19, 2005, looking west over Ligurian Sea and Ligurian Apennine, at 4:48 PM CET (info for Tonightssunset pool)

This photo is included in Flickr's Explore page on Dec 19, 2005 - number 200 of 500. Noticed February 8, 2006

Yeah baby we noticed it too! Golden Delicious!-koduckgirl

Hi... have you seen mum?

Hi... have you seen mum?, originally uploaded by kenyai.

Well this is bar none the most adorable kitten I have ever seen! And the best photo too!-koduckgirl

Nearest neighbours

Nearest neighbours, originally uploaded by starbeard.

Neighbouring trees clinging onto their precarious ridges, as the mist swirls between them.

Taken by the wild expanse of one of the nature reserves on the west coast of Corsica last Summer.

Sepiatone is perfect for this smoky image very nice!-koduckgirl

Poetry in motion

Poetry in motion, originally uploaded by Traces in the Sand.

Trucks waiting to cross the Pakistan - Iran border west of Quetta.

Reminds of decorated Elephants in India Gorgeous!and the Angle is so primo!-koduckgirl

Praia da Marinha - Algarve

Paisagem da praia da Marinha, vista de cima, uma das melhores praias da europa.

Amazing to say the least and there are the lovers for scale!-koduckgirl

Over the Clipboard

Over the Clipboard, originally uploaded by Sparkle~and~Fade.

The coaches view, one cloudy day - during an offensive line practice session.

Very cool and unusual perspective and love the grainy b&w!-koduckgirl

Friend ships

Friend ships, originally uploaded by alonsodr.

Quiero dedicar esta foto a un gran amigo: Rogelio.

great tones and very serene atmosphere!-koduckgirl


shell, originally uploaded by qofd.

Lovely and subtle colors!-koduckgirl


Sap, originally uploaded by outblissed.

So simple and so Super!-koduckgirl

Svalbard reflections

Svalbard reflections, originally uploaded by kenyai.

One of the most beautiful landscapes I've seen on the Svalbard. Here we were very close to the northernmost point we've reached during our cruise on the board of an icebreaker. In this moment we must have been over the 81° parallel, which means very far in the north. The captain said this was the only day in the whole summer season in which the vessel could reach a point so far in the north, so we were quite lucky.

I kinda think we are very lucky also thanx for shooting this so expertly and gracing the 1on1 group with it's graceness!-koduckgirl

...friends... prijatelji...

...friends... prijatelji..., originally uploaded by ManonManon.

Rediculously cute and not to mention the amazing framing of the hand!-koduckgirl

Last View

Last View, originally uploaded by Jaxpix50.

The graveyard from St michael and All Angels, looking out towards Foulridge Reservoir, nr Colne Lancashire.

Breathtaking with the calm water!-koduckgirl

monkey portrait

monkey portrait, originally uploaded by goldmanoz.

Reminds me of the Snow Monkey in Baraka very expressive and thoughtful-koduckgirl

Turmhäuser - tower-houses

Turmhäuser - tower-houses, originally uploaded by xenonb..

Italien pur in Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre!

Italy pure in Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre!

Pure Italy & pure wonderful too!-koduckgirl

Hammersmith Bridge

Hammersmith Bridge, originally uploaded by kayodeok.

I took my DSLR to work for the first time because I wanted to photograph the Hammersmith Bridge during my lunch break.

Unfortunately, it was an uncharacteristically sunny day in London and details got lost in the shadows.

I've converted to black and white in an attempt to rescue the shot

More information about the Hammersmith Bridge can be found on Wikipedia

very cool and dramatic love the blk n wht- good choice Kayode!-koduckgirl


Puddled, originally uploaded by Jaxpix50.

This is very wonderful in it's topsy-turvyness, the framing is TopNotch!-koduckgirl

, originally uploaded by jodi_tripp.

Such a regal color and scene!-koduckgirl


Tess, originally uploaded by Happy.Phantom.

Most stunning!

Standing Tall

Standing Tall, originally uploaded by .faramarz.

macro of a morning glory flower. the color is desaturated to bring more attention to the centre

update: I was pleased to find out this photo made it's way on the flickr Calendar for the most interesting entry on December 22, 2005. thanks for the great comments everyone! :D

Congrats! We love it too!-koduckgirl


@lgarve, originally uploaded by Joana S..

Portugal - Algarve - Almancil - Praia das Dunas Douradas

Get me a travel!-koduckgirl

Blue Curves

Blue Curves, originally uploaded by a chimp with coconuts.

I love the blue & I love the curves...Lucious!-koduckgirl

Rotorua, Wai-o-tapu Champagne Pool

Rotorua, Wai-o-tapu Champagne Pool, originally uploaded by qofd.

this pool is 62m deep. its surface temperature is 74 degrees C and bubbles due to carbon dioxide. The pool was formed 700 years ago by a hydrothermal eruption. Minerals contained in the water include gold, silver, mercury, sulphur, arsenic, thallium and antimony. They are depositing in the surrounding sinter ledge.
A close up of the orange ledge is located here

Very informative and formative in it's beauty!-koduckgirl

i saw loch lomond in a dream

i saw loch lomond in a dream, originally uploaded by flickrwegian.

and it broke my heart again...

mine too!!-koduckgirl

lettuce be friends

lettuce be friends, originally uploaded by qofd.

Such an amazing pattern, well done!-koduckgirl

The magic of winter

The magic of winter, originally uploaded by kenyai.

The last day of 2005 couldn't have been more beautiful...
Powder snow, chilled air, blu sky, strong sunshine - an absolutely enjoyable walk to reach "Passo Viola" at 2.475 m (Switzerland, Val di Campo).

On this pic you can see a beautiful view at Pizzo Scalino (Italy) hidden by the clouds.

Couldn't have expressed it better myself!-koduckgirl

soviet cameras

soviet cameras, originally uploaded by Troy McCullough.

Here's a closeup of two Soviet-era cameras that I bought on eBay. The camera in the foreground, a Kiev-3, doesn't work, but it looks cool. The one in the background is a Zorki 4. It works just fine and is built like a Russian tank. I don't do a lot of black and white photography, but it seemed appropriate with this shot.

You may not do a lot of blk n wht photography Troy, but what you do do by looking at this shot, is primo!-koduckgirl


62DuckFrontDoor, originally uploaded by koduckgirl.

Ooh ooh I am honored that Faria picked this one! Thanx Faria!-koduckgirl


Surprise(ii), originally uploaded by pradeep jeganathan.

Gorgeous portrait with stunning framing!-koduckgirl

Oh Billiards.

Oh Billiards., originally uploaded by goldmanoz.

They seem huge and the choice of colors are primo!-koduckgirl

30 Dec 2005 - Genoa, Italy - # 3

30 Dec 2005 - Genoa, Italy - # 3, originally uploaded by cienne45.

Friday, December 30, 2005.

Looking west over the port of Genoa at 4:48 PM CET (info for Tonightssunset pool)

Really great complicated sunset with a perfectly positioned soarer!-koduckgirl

On the right path ...

On the right path ..., originally uploaded by xenonb..

The RIGHT path? We'll follow you down ANY path you take your camera on!!-koduckgirl


Flightpath, originally uploaded by starbeard.

Taken yesterday on a bright windy morning on the headland at Tynemouth, looking out over the North Sea. I'd just startled these gulls into taking off into the wind, which meant despite their valiant efforts at flapping they made zero progress and allowed me to take a load of close photos of them flying.

Naughty to make them fly into the wind but then cool a photo!!-koduckgirl

Being Rude

Being Rude, originally uploaded by PsychoJr.

The Graffiti on The Wall says: Beware Of The Homeless Person

contacts can be tricky...

contacts can be tricky..., originally uploaded by plain jane.

as much as you won't want to believe me... i actually didn't set this up. it was the middle of the night, and i was sleeping in my contacts. i hopped out of bed because i couldn't find my contact... and my camera was on my desk because i hadn't put it away. the lights were off besides the glow of my computer, so for some odd reason i turned on the camera and snapped a picture just as i felt my contact fall from my cheek.
life is crazy sometimes.

We believe you!!! We believe you!!! great set up, story, and shot!-koduckgirl