Thursday, March 02, 2006

iced in swans

iced in swans, originally uploaded by algo.

I spent a happy hour watching swans and ducks dealing with the iced up end of the lake. They took less notice of me than ever before.

About 30 yards (metres) of the lake was largely out of the sun, and so still iced. Pa swan broke a channel by putting his body weight onto the ice, which broke with a sharp crack. He seemed as interested in lapping something up off the surface as he reached it, as in making the channel.
Quite soon Ma joined him, although she did not join in the ice breaking.
Then the ducks swam in, but soon found they could walk on the ice, or rather skate on it. Comical how they put a foot forward and it slid an inch or so, and they looked like skaters.

Great story, Great photo!-koduckgirl


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